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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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What is FLOWCast?

FLOWCast is an add-on flow modeling module to SOLIDCast, adding Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to SOLIDCast’s capabilities. Fluid flow modeling allows users to view a simulation, on the computer, showing how molten metal will flow through gating systems and fill the mold.


CFD Modeling

FLOWCast models convection, conduction and radiation within the mold cavity. This allows users to analyze casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects such as mis-runs due to premature solidification, oxide formation, or mold erosion due to excessive velocities during filling.

SOLIDCast Integration

FLOWCast is integrated with SOLIDCast and uses models and meshes created with SOLIDCast. Since SOLIDCast is the world’s easiest-to-use casting modeling system, flow modeling has never been easier. Users can import the casting model from 3D CAD or build the model from SOLIDCast tools. The software can then mesh the model and run FLOWCast to simulate mold filling.

Improve Your SOLIDCast Desisgns

Results from a FLOWCast simulation can be used in SOLIDCast to model the final solidification of the casting, resulting in a completely integrated casting modeling system. Design and analysis of gating and mold filling with FLOWCast is as simple as solidification modeling with SOLIDCast.

Fill Visualization

FLOWCast contains many features to visualize the filling process. You can plot or animate filling sequences showing temperature, velocity or pressure.> Movies can be created to show real-time filling, or played at any desired frame rate. In addition to color, you can add velocity vectors, particle tracers, translucence and more!

Cost Effectiveness

FLOWCast is the most cost-effective flow analysis tool available. It is sold as a site license, so you can run it on as many machines as you want at no extra charge. Run multiple simulations at the same time on multi-processor machines! Multiply your payback with SOLIDCast and FLOWCast.

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