The Clone function allows you to create a copy, or a “clone”, of a model within a project. This is a useful feature if you want to create several successive design iterations of a model and retain each as a separate model within a project.


Cloning a model is very simple. On the Project Tree, double-click the icon for the model that you wish to clone. This will cause the model to be displayed in the model window, and that model’s icon will be highlighted. Then select File… Clone Model from the main menu. This will cause a new model to be listed on the Project Tree. The new model will be an exact copy of the currently selected model, including all of the material properties and even the name of the model.


At this point, you can close the model window that you are currently viewing and double-click on the new model that was just cloned. This will open a window on the new model. You can then edit this model, mesh it and run a simulation on the modified model. You may want to rename the newly-created model by triple-clicking on the name in the project tree and typing in a new name.


This feature allows you to retain previous versions of a model if you want to be able to load and view these previous versions, while creating new modified versions for analysis.