Since SOLIDCast is a Windows application, standard techniques used in Windows apply.


You can press the Alt-Print Screen keys to copy the current window to the Windows clipboard, or use Print Screen to capture the full screen. You can then go into many Windows applications and copy this image into that application by selecting Edit… Paste. Some Windows applications where this can be done are:







Once the images are in any of these programs, you can then print the images as a standard Windows print operation.


An alternative is to use any of a large number of commercial screen capture utilities. When you activate these programs, you can select a type of file to save images, a file name, and auto-incrementing of file names. After activation, you can then press Print Screen(or other Hot Key) at any time and a file will be created containing the image that you’re seeing. Later, you can load this image into any of the Windows programs listed above for documentation and/or printing.


A quick search on the Internet will normally list a large number of low-cost or free utilities that can be used to capture screens and manipulate images. At FSI we have used


Full Shot(


Pizazz 5/Capture.Eze(


all with good results.