Custom Criterion is a function that allows you to plot data from standalone programs in SOLIDCast. These programs are available from Finite Solutions, Inc. Or, you can develop custom criteria functions using one of the stand-alone utilities described in Unit 46.


One custom function calculates the FCC Criterion, which was developed by F. Chiesa of the Universite de Trois-Rivieres in Quebec. This function was developed as an indicator of total evolved microporosity in aluminum castings. It has since been applied to other alloys with some success. This criterion is based on the solidus velocity (the speed with which the solidification wavefront moves through the casting) and the local solidification time (the time to cool from liquidus to solidus). Higher numbers indicate more probability of porosity. An example of an FCC plot is shown here:



Another Custom Criterion that is being developed is a gradient calculation for Solidification Time. This has been shown in several cases to be a predictor of hot tearing in some castings. Dendrite Arm Spacing(DAS) in aluminum castings is still another custom criterion.


As these new functions are created, they will be made available to all SOLIDCast users.


Note: A full description of the FCC Criterion and how to use it is given in Unit 41.