CastPic is a function that can create a detailed, three-dimensional image of the casting with result data plotted onto the image as a range of colors. This function can show the whole casting or section the image to show internal details in the casting.


To make a CastPic image, first double-click on the Simulation icon on the project tree, in the SOLIDCast main screen. Now, at the menu bar select Simulation… CastPic Plot. A window similar to the following will appear:



You can accept the Min and Max values as the values to plot, or enter new ones to change what the range of color in the plot indicates. Clicking on OK on the above window produces the following image showing temperature of the casting:



The angle of view of this image is the SAME as the angle of view of the model in the current model window.


A selection which would produce a cut plane through this model at a value of Y=0.000 would be as follows:



This would produce the following CastPic image:



In this image, the casting has been sectioned to reveal internal details.