Cut Plane plotting involves showing simulation results on a 2D plane cut through the casting.


To plot a Cut Plane, first double-click on the Simulation icon on the project tree, in the SOLIDCast main screen. Now, at the menu bar select Simulation… Plot Cut Plane. A window similar to the following will appear:



You can select a cut plane in the XY, XZ or YZ orthogonal planes. Also, as with Iso-Surfaces, you can select any of the various types of output data to plot.


The system shows you the minimum and maximum values of the selected data. In the small windows you can enter plot ranges to create the cut plane plot. These plot ranges must be within the Min and Max Values as shown.


The following example shows a Cut Plane plot of Critical Fraction Solid Time within the casting and riser, in the XY orientation:



You can move the cut plane within the model, by moving the slider bar or clicking on the left or right arrows.


You can also click on a point on this image and display all of the available data about that point below the image.


Another example Cut Plane plot shows temperature distribution within both the cast material and the mold material:



Here the diffusion of heat into the sand mold can be seen clearly.


Note: This plot can also be used to create an animated movie. Instructions for making movies are given in Unit 37.