In SOLIDCast, the display controls are located as icons across the top of the model window. These display controls appear in a bar as follows:



The meanings of these icons are as follows:


Switches between a shaded rendered view and a wire-frame view of the casting.


Toggles the background between black and white.


Centers the model in the current window.


Reverses the current 2D view. From top to bottom, front to back, or side to side.


Displays an XZ view of the casting model (this is the default view when you load a file).


Displays a YZ view of the casting model.


Displays an XY view (looking down) of the casting model.


Allows the user to freely rotate the casting model to any orientation, by using the mouse with the right button depressed.


Add a shape to the casting model.


Select a shape to hide or delete.


Move the model on the screen by clicking on two points.


Zoom on a portion of the model by drawing a box around the portion to be zoomed.


Zoom up or down a fixed percentage.



Example Orthogonal Views:


XZ View


YZ View


XY View