If you have a model where a pattern of risers must be symmetrical, you can use the Linked Geometry feature to link additional risers to a defined Design Variable. This will allow multiple risers to vary in shape, while only the original riser will be defined as a Design Variable.


For example, the model shown below has 8 symmetrical risers.



If we designate one riser as a Geometric Design Variable, and allow it to vary both vertically and horizontally, we create two actual design variables, as shown on the next page.



Then we can select and designate another riser as a Linked Geometric Design Variable. This riser will have its own Pin Point, which we must specify. An example is shown on the next page.



By continuing to use the Linked Geo. Design Tab, we can link all the other risers to the original Design Variable. Then, as OPTICast varies the size of the first riser, all the other risers will vary with the same scale factors. In this way we still have only 2 Design Variables but are varying all 8 risers.