UNIT 5: The File Menu


The File menu has the following five options:


These functions will be explained in the remainder of this unit.


Save FLOWCast simulation


When FLOWCast is running, the system will automatically save data at prescribed intervals, which, by default, are at every 5% full. You can, however, stop the simulation and save the data to a file. When you select this option, you will see a Save As… screen like this:



Type in a file name and click on Save. You can navigate to any folder you wish. If no time step data has been created yet, you will see the following message:



This means that you are too early in the simulation process for any meaningful data to have been created.


If you try to save the data while the simulation is still running, you will see the following:



In order to save data manually, the flow simulation must be stopped. To stop the simulation, click on the stop sign icon on the toolbar. You will need to wait a few seconds for the system to organize its’ data before you can save it out to a file.


Load FLOWCast simulation


You may want to load existing time step data into FLOWCast. If you make this selection, you will see a window similar to this:



Simulation data is normally saved in a file called time_steps.bin. In most cases this file will be loaded if you are starting or continuing a flow simulation.


Save Snapshot


At any point, you may want to capture and save the screen image. This can be saved in PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP formats. If you select BMP format, you should see a window similar to this:




Type in a name for the file and click on the save button. You may wish to change the screen background from black to white before saving the image. This can be done from the Graphics Menu.




Select this function to end a flow simulation and exit the FLOWCast program. The SOLIDCast window will be minimized, so click on the button on the toolbar to restore SOLIDCast.